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my personality:

* i’m loud.
* i’m obnoxious.
* i’m sarcastic.
* i’m cocky.
* i cry easily.
* i have a bad temper.
* for the most part i don’t like people.
* i’m easy to get along with.
* i have more enemies than friends.
* i’ve smoked.
* i’ve smoked weed.
* i drink coffee.
* i clean my room daily.

my appearance:

* i wear makeup.
* i wear a piece of jewelry at all times.
* i wear contacts.
* i wear glasses.
* i have braces.
* i change my hair colour often
* i straighten my hair often
* i have a piercing
* i have small feet


* i’m in a relationship now.
* i’m single.
* i’m crushin’.
* i’m in love.
* i’m always scared of being hurt.
* an ex has physically abused me at least once.
* i’ve told someone i loved them when i didn’t.
* i’ve told someone i didn’t love them when i did.
* i’ve been in love more than two times.
* i believe in love at first sight.
* i believe lust is more important than love.


* i have a best friend.
* i have at least ten friends.
* i’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend.
* i’ve beaten up a friend.
* i’ve been in a serious fight with a friend.
* i can trust at least five people with my life.

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