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Early of da March>>
''Luv eu co muc,hny''
          ''Luv eu 2 b''
 both of them were getting luv.... ^^
The spirit Of LURVE were joined them together 
    and be a very cute little couple..
at da same night...>>
   01.58 a.m.
the girl received msg from her PRINCE........
               [ aishiteru ringtone ]
'' hny,,,, I was dreaming of eu juz now '' 
The girl simply awake from her dream
         then reach her hP...
she read the msg then......
''OH NO!!''
  her heart was beating faster and getting more faster....
             eu know y??
 '' B, and i was dreaming about eu too then simply awake and saw eur text ''
      the boy smiled and replied
                '' ilysmHUNNY ''
    '' ilysmtooB '' she sent it back..

~LubeucomucHUBBY !

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