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Orite, lets start..

:64: 11 things about myself ;)
:60: My friends at MRSM called me Lyen

:60: Breathing for 15 years

:60: Singing is my king

:60: Live in Lahad Datu, Sabah

:60: Kadazandusun+cina girl

:60: Studying in  SMK Agaseh 

:27: Taken by Mirul

:60: Brown eyed girl

:60: Have  straight hair

:60: Pink lover

:h:Questions from cutey meimei :h:

1. What the cleanser you use everday?
:h: JF .

2. Couple/single? (if couple, name the lucky boy/girl, if single, who are the person you interest)

:h: Mirul

3. Who the person you hate? Why.

:h: HAHA ! im not haters . XD

4. What kind the perfume you love?

:h: Body Shop - musk

5. Hate pimples or getting black?

:h: mestila pimples

6. What the personality you are?

:h: I would be better if you good to me, but I would be more evil if you mean to me

7. Who are you always sms with?

:h: My bestist and beloved one

8. Justin bieber or ME?

:h: YOU !  :81:

9. Your wishes.

:h: I dream to get a new phoneat least 5As in the PMRfollowed the girls and others.

10. What the things you want to buy now.

:h: sa maw topup !

:64:11 lucky people that I tag in:64:

Ain / Ionna / Lina Ieqa / Trisya /  Liya / Erika / April / Eugenie / Bona / Merald

my quetions

1. who was your first love?
2.what would you think when you are sad?
3.who are your closest friend? [mention their name]
4.are you honest?
5.who was your first kiss?
6.KFC or pizzahut?
7.characteristics of a bachelor / girl who dreamed of?
8.your daily activities?
9.who you love the most? your friends or couple?
10.what would you buy if you have RM500?
11.your last called?

p/s thnx to meimei for tagging . ily !


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